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The effect of fashion on the body

The importance of the chosen topic. When the word fashion is used, it usually means clothing, but fashion also refers to lifestyle, cars, restaurants, movies, and other phenomena that surround a person. Despite the fact that such an abundance surrounds a person today, not everyone is popular.

The need for a person to acquire something is characterized by such a phenomenon as fashion, which today has become one of the regulators of social behavior.

Fashion is also one of the well-known phenomena in life, which is of interest to researchers, analysts, scientists, and also to people who encounter it in everyday life.

The importance and role of fashion is steadily increasing. It is a factor that has a direct impact on the economic and social development of society, as well as on the daily life of an individual.

Fashion reflects the basic features of its era, there is an association with changes in the country with processes in the sphere of the cultural life of society. The study of the phenomenon of fashion contributes to understanding the needs of society and defining its interests and needs.

The purpose of the work is to study the influence of fashion on a person’s daily life.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • consider fashion as a social and cultural phenomenon, define the concept and essence of fashion;
  • defining the components and functions of fashion in modern society;
  • determine the relationship between fashion and habits;
  • consider the psychological aspects of the influence of fashion;
  • study of the psychological mechanism of the effect of imitation;
  • consider apparent consumption as a mechanism of influence;
  • To determine the impact of fashion on the daily lives of students;
  • consider the student body as a special social group;
  • Analyzing fashion trends among university students.

The subject of the research is society in the structure of the influence of fashion.

The subject of the research is fashion and its impact on daily human life.

The degree of detail of the topic. The question of the history and development of fashion has been considered by foreign researchers such as Tucker E., Kingswell T., Stevenson N. and others. Among the domestic fashion researchers, the most famous are Vasiliev A., Diaghilev S., Ermilova D. Yu. and Brick Ya.

The issue of fashion in society and its influence on people’s consciousness is devoted to numerous articles and works of researchers in psychology, history and sociology Kiloshenko M.I. and Olshansky D.V. and Abroze E.A. and Vainshtein O. and others.

The works of such researchers as Bashkatov I.P. and Kaptsov A.V. and Karpushin L.V. And Bakshaeva NA, Verbitsky AA and others are devoted to the psychology of students and youth.

Chapter 1. Fashion as a socio-cultural phenomenon

The concept and essence of fashion.
Fashion is an ambiguous socio-cultural phenomenon that exists in various spheres of human activity and culture: in the design of a person’s appearance (clothing, hairstyle) and in his environment (interior, various household items), as well as in art, architecture, imagination, speech behavior, etc.

The concept of “fashion” appeared since the middle of the fourteenth century in the countries of Western Europe with the emergence of an increasing number of new clothes of various shapes and names. In the seventeenth century, fashion began to affect the narrow circles of the nobility. But since they were a minority, the majority of the population did not have the ability and desire to imitate.

Fashion is a reflection of a certain historical period. Politicians both in Russia and abroad had a great influence on fashion. In Russia, Peter I had the greatest influence, which radically changed the foundations of life for the population. In addition to European costume, he also provided leisure and entertainment activities, meals, etc.

In nineteenth century Europe, the industrial revolution, technical innovations, the breakdown of barriers of class, race and regionalism, the spread of cultural life and fashion in society are manifested at the level of the masses. Precisely, starting from the nineteenth century, fashion began to acquire its dimensions and influence on human life. In Russia, the significant influence of fashion on human life began to appear in the twentieth century.

Kh Gritsak E.N. By fashion means the short-term predominance of a certain type of uniform collective behavior, which is based on a relatively rapid and large-scale change in the external (primarily objective) environment of people.

From the point of view of economics, the fashion and fashion industry is a specific sector of the economy, which includes the production and sale of goods (including services as a commodity).

Twentieth-century psychologist and sociologist A.A. Brudny gives the following concept: in a broad sense, fashion is the short-term predominance of a certain type of collective normative behavior, which is based on rapid and widespread change abroad. People’s environment periodic change of preferences in the field of everyday culture.

Thus, fashion is an integral part of various aspects of human activity and is closely related to industry and culture. Today, fashion largely shapes a person’s worldview. It reflects his needs, the desire for individual and collective self-determination. This means that fashion is also a social regulator, as it, on the one hand, shows social inequality in society, indicating the differences between social groups, and on the other hand, it facilitates the differences between them.

The components and functions of fashion in modern society
The phenomenon of fashion in modern society is associated with consumption processes, determines the model of consumer behavior in a particular society.

The Russian sociologist A. Hoffman identifies two main elements in the fashion structure: fashion standards and fashion elements.

modern standards. It is understood as a variety of cultural samples, that is, some rules of behavior. They can show themselves in some fashion that follows the fashion, such as going to the gym. It may also appear in patterns of behavior and use of fashionable things: wearing fashionable clothes, owning a fashionable car, etc.

Fashion objects are any “fashionable” things. These include clothing, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, music, art, literature, lifestyle, sports, etc.


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