• January 18, 2022

The phenomenon of keeping pace with fashion and its impact on society

Fashion is something we deal with every day in our lives, in general, fashion is a term that refers to a common style or practice, especially in clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture fashion.

What is fashion

Fashion is something that is always changing and one can find a lot of changes in fashion since its development in history, fashion refers to a distinct and often habitual trend in the manner in which a person dresses, as well as to the prevailing styles of behaviour.

Fashion is generally promoted by the way celebrities dress, these may include famous pop stars, movie stars, or athletes, people generally follow the latest statement of style adopted by these celebrities, fashion also refers to the latest creations of textile designers, the term has become more technical, and costume is associated with Very in terms of fashion.

The former usage has come down to special meanings such as fancy dress, while fashion means clothing in general and the study of it, although aspects of fashion can be feminine or masculine.

Fashion entered our lives and occupied a very important place in our lives, there was a time when the concept of fashion was only on occasions, although it is useless to compare the current generation with ours, today fashion has become an important part of our lives, but there is a very clear difference between the current generation And the older generation Fashion has taken a strong hold even in the lives of school students and it includes the bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry them, a lot of students these days are more fashion conscious rather than studying, teens seem to be more stylish than adults now in fact, and they can be They themselves are trendsetters, fashion is always changing like the wind.

Fashion as a form of communication

Fashion is a form of non-verbal communication that conveys a lot about personality, earlier fashion was something that existed only among wealthy class of people but times have changed now, nowadays it doesn’t matter what class and what you wear in any way just aim to become trendy In fact. Nowadays fashion includes not only the clothes or makeup but also the accessories you wear and the way you wear it and behavior plays a major role in the way you do fashion, the fashion industry can be important and inspiring for people in all walks of life, especially students and there is no problem to follow Fashion and attractive appearance, on the other hand, it is harmful to engage in fashion and clothing when it is better to spend time studying, it is a clear danger and then needs to be balanced accordingly.

The effect of fashion

on society Fashion has moved to our society over the ages and the concept of fashion is not new, it is just a definition of fashion and it has changed a lot these days, and fashion is like the wind changing rapidly and there is a lot that has been added to fashion these days, the previous accessories were not an important part of fashion while it became These days, accessories like bracelets, studs, and fancy watches are part of our daily fashion routine.

Sometimes these accessories are more expensive than our dresses, we can hardly see anyone on the streets who is not fashion conscious, from school students to working age professionals, everyone wants to look their best and keep up with fashion regularly.

Television and media are among the many factors responsible for the spread of fashion obsession among people. These media highlight celebrity fashion statement regularly. Watching it on television also creates enthusiasm within the viewer to look better. Fashion or style in slang can be called contagious because people They are influenced by someone who is already fashion conscious and everyone wants to follow the latest trends. On the other hand, fashion enhances human life; It not only allows for elegant dress, but also gives a chance for independence of thought, helps maintain positive self-esteem, and acts as a form of entertainment.

Fashion has made us all stronger and there is no harm in being fashion in our life but within limits. Being fashion conscious person not only makes him likable among his family members but also tends to enhance his confidence level to a great extent, Fashion is the custom, usage or prevailing style. During a certain period of time for some, fashion is a way of expressing their inner feelings and expressions, there is no doubt that fashion has captured the present generation in every possible way, and the decision is in our hands to decide what to wear and what not to wear.

Many people define their fashion statement as their comfort and always return whatever they are comfortable with, but to stay fit at an event, it is really necessary to wear special clothes for an occasion often known as the sense of dressing and closely associated with fashion, we can’t imagine ourselves in At a wedding we wear a tracksuit and sneakers or we go for a run or to the gym in a formal suit, and then there are times when a sense of fashion is very important for us to align ourselves with the customs of society, if we live in a society we have to follow certain rules and regulations, and from Then there is no harm to keep up but within limits.


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