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Tourism in Frankfurt and the most important recommended tourist destination

The city includes many tourist places in Germany, most of which are concentrated within the old city of Frankfurt. The city (Frankfurt) is surrounded by many cities and villages that include amazing tourist attractions such as palaces, castles, old museums, historical baths and health resorts, in addition to, of course, what is characterized by its stunning nature views. It is decorated with sparkling rivers. The city (Frankfurt), which attracts tourists from all over the world to it, is also an ideal base for exploring the beautiful Rhine-Main region.

Frankfurt is a city located in the center of western Germany on the banks of the River Main in the state of Hesse. It is the economic capital of Germany because of the presence of the headquarters of many companies and banks, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the European Central Bank, in addition to the many exhibitions that are held annually. It has many high buildings and because of its location on the River Main, it is sometimes symbolized by “Manhattan” similar to Manhattan in New York. It is also home to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University and several higher institutes.

The city extends on both banks of the River Main. The Old Town (Altstadt or Kasbah) is located on the east bank, and on the other side, on the west bank, is the New Town (Neustadt). The old town is inhabited by many merchants and artisans, and it still retains to this day some of the monuments that testify to the Medieval architecture. Large establishments are based in the famous business district of the new city, and these are famous for their large and modern buildings.

The monuments in the city of Frankfurt indicate that it has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and it is up to the Romans to discover the city since the first century BC, and the city was referred to in manuscripts written by Egenhard in the eighth century AD, and it was during the reign of Emperor Charlemagne from the year 800 AD. To the year 814 AD, the Emperor’s meeting with his senior advisors; To handle the affairs of the empire, the city was chosen as the capital of the Franconia region. Frankfurt’s climate is characterized as one of the warmest cities and regions in Germany; The average city temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. And

The best places to visit Frankfurt

Goethe Street

Goethestrasse is Frankfurt’s ‘fifth avenue’. Where the street to the west of the “Zail” houses a selection of high-level stores that specialize in selling the latest collections of international fashion designers in the fashion world. The designs on display include the names of all international designers, from Armani to Versace.

In order for the buyer to save himself the trouble of searching for the right jewelry, a number of very valuable jewelry brands such as Cartier and Tiffany are sold in the same place. In addition, this commercial street, which is 400 meters long, includes many shops specializing in the sale of art pieces, household items and eye care supplies.

The visitor can shop at a lower cost in the streets adjacent to Goethe Street, where both Schiller Street and Steinweg are the favorite streets. The two streets are linked by a roofed lane teeming with restaurants and shops. Schiller Street is famous for its weekly market, which is held every Friday, and about 50 stalls participate in it.

Wertheim Building

It is the only traditional building that has not been destroyed by the war. A few steps near this building, you will have reached Römerberg Square, which is surrounded by old traditional-style buildings. These buildings bear unusual names, such as “The Big Angel” or “Black Star” and others.

The Well of Justice “Gerichiskaitsbrunnen”

It was the favorite place of the people of Frankfurt in the past to celebrate the coronation of Caesars. As for the Caesars, they celebrated this occasion by holding lavish banquets. Today, the entire municipal building is called the “Romer Building”, and the municipal headquarters has been located in it since 1405, and it is in the middle of the three buildings with facades that were designed in the form of stairs.

Goethe’s house

Goethe House, from his name, was previously the home of the famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and it is the places that many visitors put on the top of their priorities, especially those interested in literature, where everything is still in the house as it is, so that fans of Goethe can enter the house of this The famous German writer and philosopher and learn about the atmosphere in which he lived.

Haupt Fakhh Building

By visiting the “Hauptwache” building, you will see one of the magnificent and famous buildings in the city of Frankfurt. Whereas in the past it was the largest police station, today it is the central point of the city. And behind this building to the left,

The old opera house can be reached by going through Bier Alley and Grand Buckenheimer Street. This building was restored after it was destroyed during the war. Today, visiting it gives you a wonderful atmosphere, especially as it contains a café that serves delicious coffee that blends with the charm of the place.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg is the symbol of the city of Berlin, and the gate bears the name of the state of Brandenburg that surrounds the state of Berlin and is located in Pariser Square. Its construction began in 1788 and ended in 1791, but part of it was destroyed in the Second World War, and then the damaged part was reconstructed again. Whereas the only remaining gate from the city of Berlin previously represented the division of the city into East and West Berlin, since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the Brandenburg Gate has come to symbolize German unity.

In addition, this gate made of sandstone is one of the finest examples of German classicism. The Brandenburg Gate was built according to plans by Carl Gotthard Longans from 1788 to 1791, modeled on the propylene of the Acropolis of Athens. On either side, six Doric columns support a radial beam about 11 meters deep, which divides into five portal arcades. In 1793, a quadriga (a four-horse-drawn carriage) designed by Johann Gottfried Schadow was placed on the gate, referring to the ancient


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