Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2024: List of Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

How to buy Airtel Airtime from Fidelity Bank in 2024

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2024: List of Fidelity Bank USSD Codes: Fidelity Bank is dedicated to offering cutting-edge technologies that improve consumer accessibility and ease of banking. The Fidelity Bank transfer code, a USSD code that lets you do a number of banking operations directly from your smartphone without requiring an internet connection, is one of these alternatives.

You can check your account balance, transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills, and even open new accounts from the convenience of your smartphone with the use of the Fidelity Bank transfer code. Banking has never been easier than it is with the Fidelity Bank transfer code. Say goodbye to long lines at the bank and hello to the convenience of banking on the go.


The method of communication that GSM cell phones use to connect to the service provider’s computers is known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Unlike SMS, which is stored and transferred, USSD establishes a real-time connection during a session, allowing instant communication between the user’s device and the service provider’s system.

USSD codes are simply a series of numbers that are entered into the phone’s dialer to enable access to various services, such as monitoring account balances, reloading prepaid credit, and making service subscriptions. A hash (#) comes after these codes, while a star (*) comes before them.

When a user calls a USSD code, the request is sent over the cellular network to the service provider’s USSD gateway. The gateway responds to the user’s device after finishing the request processing and communicating with the appropriate systems. USSD is rapid and efficient since it uses a signaling channel for communication; the user sees the results very immediately. USSD is widely utilized due to its simplicity of use, real-time engagement, and ability to assist users with even entry-level mobile phones.

Requirements to Activate Fidelity Bank USSD Code 

Consumers must meet a number of requirements before beginning the Fidelity Bank USSD code activation process, which is straightforward. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Fidelity Bank Account
  • Registered Phone Number
  • Know the USSD Code
  • Identification Documents
  • Visit a Branch or Use Digital Channels

Once these requirements are met, customers can activate the Fidelity Bank USSD code by calling *770# on their phones and following the on-screen instructions. Clients will then be required to enter the number linked to their Fidelity Bank account, create a four-digit PIN, and confirm the PIN.

How to Activate the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

If you are a customer of Fidelity Bank, you may easily register for a transfer code and use your phone to conduct a variety of financial operations. The actions to take are as follows:

  1. Launch the dialer app on your phone.
  2. Dial *770#.
  3. Reply 1: To proceed.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to register.
  5. Create your four-digit transfer pin.
  6. Confirm the pin by entering it again.

NB: The USSD code must be dialed with the number registered with the Fidelity Bank account. It is also important to note that customers must keep their PIN secure and should not share it with anyone.

List of Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

Customers can easily do a variety of banking operations on their mobile phones with Fidelity Bank’s assortment of USSD codes. A list of some USSD codes, along with their meanings, is provided below:

  • *770#: Opening an account 
  • *770* Account Number*Amount#: Transfer money to another Fidelity Bank account. 
  • *770* Beneficiary Phone Number*Amount#: Buy airtime for yourself or a third party. 
  • *770* Biller ID*Amount#: Pay bills such as DSTV, PHCN, and others.
  • *770*911#: Block your USSD code if you suspect that it has been compromised. 
  • *770*911*9#: Unblock your USSD code if you have previously blocked it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transfer code for Fidelity Bank?

Customers of Fidelity Bank can perform various banking operations on their mobile devices without requiring an internet connection by using the Fidelity Bank transfer code, which is a USSD code. *770# is the code.

What kind of transactions may I make using the transfer code from Fidelity Bank?

You may check your account balance, transfer money to other accounts, buy airtime for yourself or others, pay bills, and register new accounts with the Fidelity Bank transfer code, among other things.

How to Check Account Balance on Fidelity Bank Via Fidelity Online Banking

To check your Fidelity Bank account balance via Fidelity Online Banking, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch any web browser on your smartphone or PC.
  2. Search or visit the Fidelity Bank official website.
  3. After a successful login, your account balance will be displayed on the dashboard.

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