Access Bank Xclusive Plus

Access Bank Xclusive Plus

Access Bank Xclusive Plus: XclusivePlus is an amazing lifestyle offering specifically designed to provide our clients with the exceptional service and exclusive privileges they deserve. That’s the reason we designed this proposition for our customers. With XclusivePlus, customers get to enjoy so many benefits. Once a customer subscribes, he automatically gets upgraded to a Visa Signature card, one of our premium cards.

With this premium debit card, you have immense global benefits for both local and international usage. You have free access to over 800 premium lounges globally. In addition to that, you also have access to 36 exclusive lounges within Nigeria, and these lounges are also located in branches and at the airport. Many clients use the free multi-trade travel insurance and medical assistance that we offer. So, there are so many benefits; you have free movie tickets.

Customers get to redeem two free movie tickets every month and one event ticket every quarter. These are some of the benefits customers stand to get by subscribing to the proposition. Since Diamond Bank’s merger with Access Bank, the enlarged entity has opened up the lifestyle proposition to all customers. So, everybody who has an account with Access Bank can participate by simply subscribing.

What is the size of your subscriber base on Access Bank Xclusive Plus now that you have launched the proposal?

This proposal was launched in October 2018, and we currently have thousands of subscribers. I would assume we have over 11,000 subscribers as of today. As you can see, people are liking this idea, but we are still increasing every day.

Again, we want to introduce more benefits to ensure that clients are accommodated and enjoy the particular privileges. For example, we are talking with travel providers about how we may offer our consumers reduced airline tickets.

We also collaborate with another company that provides lifestyle benefits in other African countries. We are continuing our talks with them. We have not yet onboarded them, but once we do, we will notify our customers.

How affordable is the proposition, and how can a customer key in?

XclusivePus requires a subscription charge. We have:

  • A monthly subscription cost of N5,999 allows a customer to access lounges, VIP treatment at over 900 hotels, and other privileges.
  • Customers can choose a quarterly membership, which costs around N17,997.
  • We are offering a 20% special discount to consumers who want to subscribe annually, which is N57,599. So, instead of paying N75,000 or more with a 20% discount, if you subscribe annually, you will only spend N57,599.00.

Would you say that this proposition has added to the number of your depositor base?

When we first debuted in October of last year, we had no subscribers; now, we have over 11,000. As a result, our relationships with our consumers have grown stronger.

Can a customer migrate from other accounts, say DiamondXtra, to XclusivePlus?

Yes, you can. XclusivePlus can be opened in any of our individual current and savings accounts. DiamondXtra allows you to upgrade to XclusivePlus by just paying the membership price, and you can enjoy the perks as long as you have an individual account.

Are there other extra charges, and how often is a customer allowed to withdraw from the account?

You simply pay your subscription fee, and that is it. Your account conditions remain the same. The XclusivePlus is an add-on; it is an add-on offer.

So, by subscribing, you receive both the card and the advantages. If you have a DiamondXtra account with a minimum balance of N5,000, you must ensure that your membership fee exceeds your minimum account criterion; otherwise, you will experience standard account troubles.

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