Can Glo 4G LTE SIM Work on 4G Phones

Can Glo 4G LTE SIM Work on 4G Phones

Can Glo 4G LTE SIM Work on 4G Phones: 4G is the short name for fourth-generation wireless, the stage of broadband mobile communications that supersedes 3G (third-generation wireless) and is the predecessor of 5G (fifth-generation wireless). The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) established the 4G wireless cellular standard and outlined its essential features, such as data speeds and transmission technologies.

The term 4G, or Long Term Evolution (LTE), refers to the 4th generation of telecommunications technology, which offers extremely fast internet speeds. You can take advantage of even more network-enhanced features with 4G, including HD video streaming, phone and video calls, lightning-fast downloads, online gaming, and much more.

With each new generation of wireless cellular technology, network capacity and bandwidth speeds have increased. While 3G only offered a peak speed of 14 Mbps, 4G users can get rates of up to 100 Mbps.


According to Globacom, the Glo LTE Advanced combines the strengths of three data networks into one. “It is quicker, stronger, and better,” the business declared, before outlining the process for both new and current clients to join the network.

According to the corporation, the simultaneous implementation of the service in multiple major cities across the nation is expected to accelerate commercial and economic activity and increase the productivity of professionals, students, and merchants nationwide.

Why you should switch to Glo 4G LTE Advanced network

  • The Glo LTE Advanced packs the power of three LTE data networks in one!
  • It is faster, stronger, and better! You will experience seamless and super-fast mobile Internet services on the Glo network.
  • Glo 4G LTE Advanced offers a significantly improved and superfast experience with music, video, and movie content downloads.
  • The video and voice quality in video calls on different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., is a lot clearer, while the picture quality is crispier, and the transmission is faster.
  • It empowers you for a better internet experience and a more productive life.
  • It helps speed up economic and commercial activities as well as boost the productivity of professionals, students, and traders across the country.
  • The 4G LTE Advanced network is being rolled out simultaneously in several major cities across the country. Over 4,000 LTE Advanced sites are planned for rollout in 2023 alone.

Can Glo 4G LTE SIM Work on 4G Phones

The answer is “YES”. A Glo 4G LTE SIM will work perfectly on any 4G phone. It is an easy procedure. Glo LTE Advanced service will be available to customers who currently own 4G SIM cards. To update their SIM cards to a USIM (4G SIM), individuals without 4G SIMs must first. It only takes two minutes to upgrade because all you need to do is swap SIM cards.

The client also requires a 4G-capable phone. The Glo network would thereafter provide you with flawless and lightning-fast mobile Internet access, the network revealed. It advised users to connect to the Glo 4G LTE Advanced at their closest Glo-World store in order to take advantage of the countless opportunities provided by the cutting-edge and exceptional technology.

NB: To access the speed of a 4G LTE SIM, you will also need to have a sufficient data subscription.


How to Buy Data on Glo Using USSD Codes

To purchase data on Glo, you can use one of two codes. You can either dial the NCC-approved universal code, *312#. This is a simplified, step-by-step tutorial that explains how to use the Glo data code to purchase data bundles on Glo.

USING *312#

  • Dial *312#.
  • Follow the guidelines displayed on your phone screen.
  • Choose a data bundle that meets your demands and your budget.
  • Confirm your selection, and you’re all set!

Can a Glo Sim Work on an iPad?

Yes, of course. All you need to do is purchase a 3G iPad, which comes with a SIM card slot. Follow the steps below to activate your Glo SIM on your iPad:

  • Since a micro SIM appears to be the only form of SIM that functions with these devices, simply walk into any Gloworld store and make this request. After some time, the SIM will start working. You don’t have to give it a full day.
  • Now, load your credit and subscribe to the plan of your choice.
  • Once you receive the subscription notification from Glo, navigate to the iPad’s internet settings. APN Settings is located under Settings >> Mobile Data. As you fill in the blanks, remember to fill in the following:
    1. APN: gloflat.
    2. U/NAME: flat.
    3. PASSWORD: flat.
  • Now restart your smartphone and exit the settings. You should now be able to use the Glo network to connect to the internet on your iPad after restarting it.

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