How to Change My BVN Phone Number, Zenith Bank

Does Zenith Bank Offer NIN Registration Services?

How to Change My BVN Phone Number, Zenith Bank: One of the many reasons you might need to change your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is if you misplace your phone number. In the Nigerian banking system, each person’s BVN acts as a unique identification that connects all of their bank accounts. You could experience serious hassles if your registered phone number associated with your BVN is lost or unavailable. This is so that transaction alerts, OTP verification, and other security features work as intended. Most banks rely on the registered phone number for these purposes. Therefore, it is essential to update your BVN with your current and reachable phone number in order to maintain flawless banking operations and guarantee the security of your accounts.

If you do not update your BVN with a working phone number, you run the risk of missing transaction alerts, not getting online transaction OTPs, and having trouble using some banking services. Furthermore, banks frequently call customers using the registered phone number to verify information if they see unusual activity on your account. Solving these kinds of problems might get difficult and time-consuming if you do not have access to this phone number. To protect your financial interests and ensure that you always have access to banking services, you must update your BVN to reflect your current contact details.

You usually have to physically visit your bank branch and follow their unique processes for updating your information in order to change your BVN as a result of misplacing your phone number. Providing legitimate identification documents and completing pertinent forms may be required for this process. Although the procedure may appear onerous, banks place a high priority on client security, and it is intended to safeguard your financial assets. You can guarantee the safety of your financial operations and carry on uninterruptedly enjoying the conveniences of contemporary banking services by swiftly updating your BVN with your current phone number.

Common Reasons to Update Your BVN Phone Number

  • Lost or stolen phone.
  • Change in contact information.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Smooth banking experience.
  • Regulatory compliance.

How to Change My BVN Phone Number, Zenith Bank

To change your BVN phone number with Zenith Bank, you’ll need to follow a specific process. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

  1. Visit a Zenith Bank Branch: Proceed to the closest Zenith Bank location. For security reasons, in-person visits are frequently necessary for BVN-related updates.
  2. Request BVN Update Form: Go to the assigned desk or a customer care agent to request BVN updates. To change your phone number, explicitly, request the BVN update form.
  3. Provide Identification: Show a legitimate form of identification, such as a driver’s licence, international passport, or national ID card. This guarantees the authenticity of the proposed changes and aids in identification verification.
  4. Complete the following form: Fill out the BVN update form precisely. Information like your previous phone number, current BVN, and the new phone number you wish to change to must be provided. Verify that all of the information is accurate.
  5. Send in the Form: Give your identity documents and the completed form to the bank agent. After examining the data, they will start the process of changing your BVN phone number.
  6. Verification and Confirmation: To confirm the proposed modifications, the bank could carry out extra verification. After the update is successfully processed, you will get an email or SMS confirming it.
  7. Update Across Accounts: If your BVN is connected to more than one Zenith Bank account, all related accounts will automatically receive the new phone number.

How to Check BVN on Zenith Bank Via USSD Code

The steps below will guide you on How to Check BVN on Zenith Bank:

  • Launch the dialer app on your phone.
  • Dial *565*0# and call right away.
  • Enter your full date of birth (DD/MM/YY).
  • Your BVN will be displayed once your provided date of birth is accurate.

NB: Ensure you have up to N20 naira in airtime on the linked SIM, whether Glo, MTN, Airtel, or 9Mobile. But this has to be done with the SIM card you used to register for BVN in your bank and linked to your bank.

How to Block Zenith Bank Account Using USSD Code

The code to block your Zenith Bank account is *966*911#, but there are steps you must follow carefully to block your Zenith Bank account. 

  1. Launch the dialer app on your phone.
  2. Dial *966*911#.
  3. Enter your account number.
  4. Enter the phone number linked to your account.
  5. Reply 1 (Continue)
  6. A message will display, “Debit transactions successfully stopped on your account.”

How to Check BVN on Zenith Bank Via Internet Banking

This is another option for you. To do this, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the Zenith Bank Internet banking portal.
  2. Log in to your account using your username and password.
  3. On the dashboard, click on “Account Information.”
  4. Click on “BVN Inquiry” from the drop-down menu.

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