How to Get an Access Bank Token

how to get an access bank token

How to get an Access bank token: Are you curious about the process of obtaining an online Access bank token code using the app and USSD? This is the only post to read if the answer is yes.

How to get Access bank token via Access bank token App

The Access Bank Token App, a mobile application, generates one-time passwords (OTPs) for the purpose of authenticating transactions on the Access Bank online banking platform.

Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the app. For online banking procedures that require additional authentication beyond just a login and password, OTPs are frequently utilized.

This security measure makes sure that money is secure and that no unauthorized individuals are ever able to access consumers’ accounts. After authentication, the access bank token should be available right away.

To find out if there are any additional steps or waiting periods required before the token is fully functioning, check with the bank.


As a customer, you require an access bank token for the following reasons:

  • For moving funds across banks from your account.
  • secure code creation. FX transfer activity.
  • for handling drafts and cash during the changeover.

Why use an access bank token instead of passwords?

Passwords are not as safe or secure when using an access bank token for the following reasons:

  • produces distinct codes that add an additional layer of security to authentication, whereas passwords are created by humans and are not necessarily secure.
  • Tokens are not susceptible to keyloggers or phishing attacks, which are attempts by hackers to get login credentials. Passwords are not.

Types of Access bank Token

Here are the access bank token types:

1. Hardware Token

This particular kind of token is used exclusively for transaction authentication and allows one-time password creation (OTP). It functions as a tiny physical gadget.

The transportable hardware token can be used anywhere the customer goes.

2. Mobile Token

This is among the greatest access bank tokens, enabling customers to safely and easily authenticate their transactions and payments. It may also be offered via a mobile application.

3. USSD Token

The USSD token is your best option if you require a token that allows users to authenticate their transactions with just a phone call to the designated USSD code.

4. Tokenless Authentication

This kind of token provides users with a tokenless authentication mechanism for biometric transaction authorization and verification.

5. Soft Token

The younger generation can utilize mobile devices thanks to this kind of token. It is a virtual token as well. To access a soft token, a customer’s phone has to have a mobile app installed.

How to get an Access bank Token

  • Go to a nearby Access Bank branch.
  • To receive guidance on how to proceed, approach the customer service representatives seated within the bank or consult with the security staff.
  • Request an application form from the customer service agent when you meet with them.
  • Complete the form by providing the necessary details.
  • Make sure you input the right information.
  • After checking the completed application form, send it in with the $1500 payment.
  • It will be routed to an agent by the customer support department, who will make sure it reaches the appropriate office.
  • The person in charge will provide a token code to your account after examining your application; you must always use this code to authenticate all of your transactions.
  • You can pick it up in person or receive it via email from the bank.

How to get an Access bank Token via mobile phone

The processes to obtain an access bank token over the phone and online are as follows:

  • Download the software from the Google Play Store or the software store, depending on the device you are using.
  • Put the entrusted OTPs in the designated field.
  • Once all the necessary information has been entered, proceed with the onboarding procedure by visiting the bank.

This approach has the advantage that you can begin it with your phone and finish it when you visit the bank. What do you think? It is not time-consuming.

Get in touch with the bank if your hardware token is misplaced or stolen. Access Bank will make sure it is immediately deactivated and provide you with instructions on how to obtain a replacement.


Obtaining an access bank token enhances the security of your online banking transactions and is a simple and quick process.

Never forget that the token adds an extra layer of security to your account, preventing unauthorized access to your money and personal information.

It is imperative that you safeguard your token device and promptly contact your bank in the event that it is lost or stolen.

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