How to Get Free Data on Mtn

how to get free data on mtn

Aside from the fast internet speed and good coverage, one thing you can always count on with MTN is the free data you can use. Besides giving random calls and free data to customers, there are ways to always get free data for yourself.

You may be curious about what these means are, how to use them, and other things. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to get free MTN data.

Does MTN provide free data?

You might be shocked to learn that MTN gives free data to anyone. You can get free data from MTN in other ways besides giving it to random people. Do not think that we are talking about cheat codes when we are not.

Not only are there cheat codes for almost every network, but you should also know that there are real ways to get free MTN data. It’s time to talk about how to get free MTN data.

How to Get Free Data on Mtn {3 Working Methods}

You can get free MTN data in a number of ways. The free data could be every day, every week, or every month. Here are some ways to get MTN data for free:

1. Download MTN MyApp to get 500MB.

You can get free data from MTN in a legally sound way like this. You will get 500 MB of free internet to use however you want when you download and sign up for the MTN MyApp.

Let’s say you have five MTN SIMs and sign up for the MTN MyApp on all of them. That’s 2.5 gigs of free data all together. For 30 days, you can use this free data from MTN MyApp.

You should know, though, that once you get the free data, you won’t be able to get another one through the MTN myapp. To get another 500 MB for free, you need to get a new SIM card.

Steps to Getting Free Data on MTN myapp

Below are steps to getting free data on MTN MyApp.

  • Download the app from the Android and iOS stores.
  • Open the app and input your number and country
  • You will get an OTP from MTN once you input your number. Enter the OTP in the space provided and claim the free data available on the app
  • MTN will notify you instantly that you have been awarded a free 500 MB.
  • You can dial *131*4# to check or confirm

2. By Upgrading to 4G

The first way to get free data is to download and sign up for the MTN MyApp. The second way is to upgrade your MTN SIM from 3G to 4G. When you get a 4G SIM card, MTN will give you 4GB of free data for one month.

You might find this hard to believe, but I’ve seen a lot of people get this free data. This deal has been around since MTN 4G began, and it still is. If you walk into any MTN store and change your SIM from 3G to 4g, you can always get free data.

Steps to Getting the Free 4g Data

You need to do two things in order to get free 4GB of data when you switch to 4G. You need to get a 4G SIM card and go 4G on your phone. It’s pretty simple to switch your SIM to 4G.

Any MTN office near you will let you in. All you need is your SIM card and your IN slip or ID card. You can tell them you want to upgrade your SIM to 4G, and they will do it for you right away.

After that, you need to switch your phone’s browsing to 4G in order to get the free data. Here are some ways to get your phone’s internet connection to 4G.

To connect your Infinix, Techno, or Itel phone to the internet, go to the settings menu and click on “network and internet.” Then, go to and change the network you want to use to 4G.

For Samsung phones, the process is pretty much the same. Pick up your phone and click on “connections.” To change the network mode, go to and select LTE. You should be able to browse on 4G with your free 4GB after you do this.

If you have an iPhone, open the settings menu and select “mobile data.” Go to your phone’s “mobile data options” and click on “voice and data.” After that, choose LTE, and you’re good to go.

The settings are the same on many other phones, from Gionee to Oppo and many more. Just go to settings and make sure that their preferred network is selected. Just pick the 4g network and you’re good to go.

3. By Using 3rd Party Software like Dent App

You can get free data from some apps on different networks. People mostly use these apps to make purchases, pay bills, and do a lot more. One of those apps is DENT.

You can buy more than just mobile data with Dent. As you use the app, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for free data on any network, including MTN.

Steps to Getting Free Data from Dent

  • Download the Dent app on the Play Store and sign up using your email address or Facebook profile.
  • You will get 175 dents, equal to 1 gig, the moment you register.
  • Perform more transactions or invite more people using your link to get more free dent
  • You can use this dent to buy free data on MTN anytime, any day.

How can I tell if my MTN data is free?

There are several ways to make sure you have free MTN data. By dialing *323*1#, you can easily see how much data you have left. When you do this, you’ll see how much data you have left.

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