How to Get the Wema Bank POS Machine in 2024

How to Get the Wema Bank POS Machine in 2024

How to Get the Wema Bank POS Machine in 2024: Wema Bank Plc, commonly known as Wema Bank, is a Nigerian commercial bank.

It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria; the regulator of the nation’s banking sector. As of 2019, Wema Bank operates the largest digital banking system in Nigeria.

In this post, we will look at how to obtain a Wema Bank POS machine online, how to get a Wema Bank POS machine in Nigeria, and whether the Wema Bank POS machines are free or how much they cost.

How to Get the Wema Bank POS Machine in 2024

A Wema Bank POS machine is a portable device that accepts debit or credit cards.

It allows business owners to accept payments from their consumers in a seamless and comfortable manner, making transactions faster and more efficient.

Uses of a POS machine

  • You can open Bank account
  • Make transfers
  • Make withdrawals from a bank account
  • Depositing money into a bank account
  • Payment services such as paying bills, such as electricity bills, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, utility bills, tax payments etc.

How To Become A WEMA Bank Agent

Wema Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals are designed to serve as alternative means of payment for goods and services, transactions can either be local or international.

  • Customized solutions for hospitals, schools, churches, airlines, and IGR collections.
  • Use of USSD on POS
  • Pay with Phone number
  • QR (Quick Response) Code
  • Contactless Mode of Payments

Becoming a Wema Bank agent is not a hard task for an individual who desires to become one but there are criteria or procedures that are needed to be guided and followed. Here are the requirements needed to apply:

  • Have a physical address
  • a Central Bank-licensed financial institution with which you have an account.
  • Have a registered, licensed business (CAC documents)
  • A valid Identification Card (NIN, International Passport, Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License)
  • Utility Bill (waste bill, electricity bill, water bill, or tenancy agreement)
  • Your BVN
  • A standard account number in any commercial bank.

How to Get the Wema Bank POS Machine in 2024

To get or apply for a Wema Bank POS machine, follow the steps below:

  • Visit any Wema Bank branch near you
  • Speak with a customer service representative about your interest in acquiring a POS machine.
  • Provide the necessary documents, which include a valid form of identification, your business registration certificate, and a letter of intent expressing your interest in obtaining the POS machine.
  • The Wema Bank team will review your business and determine your eligibility for the POS machine.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be required to sign a contract and make a deposit for the machine.

After you have completed these processes, the Wema Bank staff will deliver the POS system to your location and offer you training and support so you can use it properly.

You should receive it within a few days, depending on the availability of the item and your business location.

Wema Bank POS Charges

Based on the quantity of transactions the merchant completes, Wema Bank calculates POS costs. The following is a list of Wema Bank commissions and POS charges:

Agents can charge:

  • N1,000 to N4,900 For N100
  • N5000 to N10,900 For N200
  • N11,000 to N20,900 For N300
  • N21,000 to N30,900 For N400
  • N31,000 to N40,000 For N500
  • N41,100 to N50,000 For N600.

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