How to Gift Data on Glo 2024

How to Gift Data on Glo 2024

How to Gift Data on Glo : If you landed on this page, you’re probably looking for how to send or transfer data to someone or a friend. Customers can send data bundles across the Glo network as well. All Glo customers can utilize this facility, which goes by the name of “gift data.”

A data subscription can also be purchased and sent as “gifts” to loved ones, family, and friends. If you wish to keep your subscription private from the intended recipient, this function is really helpful. Through a personalized SMS, the gift recipient will be informed.

Differences between Data Gifting and Data Sharing

Data gifting is simply purchasing a data bundle for someone. In data gifting, you send the recipient a stipulated amount of data.

Data sharing, on the other hand, is allowing others to use your data, no matter their location in Nigeria. Glo Data Sharing is the Glo network’s feature that enables up to five users to use from one data plan simultaneously (at a time). This service operates by allowing a Glo customer (host) to link other Glo numbers (receivers/sharers) to the data bundle they have subscribed to. As long as the bundle is still active, all of the recipients and sharers can use it anytime they choose.

How to Gift Data on Glo Using USSD Code

Gifting data on the Glo network is very simple; all you need is enough airtime and the recipient’s phone number. The steps below will guide you through data gifting on Glo:

  • Launch the dialer app on your mobile device.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Reply “2” (Gift Data).
  • Choose the desired plane you wish to send or gift.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Enter “0” to confirm.

Example: Assuming I want to gift someone (Glo user or customer) a 100MB data plan, all I need to do is dial *312# on my dialer app and send/call. I will reply “2” and send; reply “1” and send; reply “1” and send; enter the recipient’s number and send; and enter “0” to confirm the transaction.

How to Gift Data on Glo Using the Glo Café App

You can conveniently manage all of your Glo products and services with the Glo Café app, which also gives you access to the greatest deals and helps you keep tabs on your usage. Here’s how to use the Glo Café app to gift data step-by-step:

  • Download and install the Glo Café app from the Play Store on your Android and the App Store on your iOS.
  •  Launch the app after installation.
  • Register using your Glo SIM number.
  • Log in with your registered details.
  • On the dashboard, locate the “Share/Gift” data icon and click on it.
  • Click on “Gift Data”
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number, which must be a Glo line.
  • Select the data plan you wish to gift.
  • Now click on Gift Data.
  • A dialogue box displays with the content “Your request is being processed.”


What is the code to buy data on Glo?

You can purchase data on Glo by dialing *312#. Follow the prompts that will appear in the dialogue box.

How do you convert airtime to cash?

Convert Excess Airtime To Cash In Easy Steps

  • Sign up. Follow our easy steps and sign up on Glover.
  • View Rates. From the drop-down menu, select airtime to cash, and choose your network and amount.
  • Convert. Send the airtime to the highlighted number, and in a moment you will receive the estimated value for the airtime.

What is the code for the Glo recharge card in 2024?

To load a Glo recharge card, you can use the new code, which is *311*Voucher PIN#

How to Gift Data on Glo 2024

Just follow the steps below:

  • Dial *312#.
  • Reply “2” (Gift Data).
  • Choose the desired plane you wish to send or gift.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Enter “0” to confirm.

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