How to Transfer Airtime on 9Mobile

How to Transfer Airtime on 9MOBILE

How to transfer airtime on 9Mobile: 9Mobile is one of Nigeria’s greatest telecommunications companies for voicemail and data. They are quite popular because of the high quality and immaculate services they provide to their customers. Transferring airtime from one user to another is a popular option among Nigerian network service providers. In this essay, I will teach you step-by-step directions on moving airtime from one 9mobile SIM card to another.

How To Transfer Airtime on 9Mobile (From 9Mobile to 9Mobile)

Transferring airtime to another 9mobile customer is quite simple; all you need to do is dial. *321*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. However, before proceeding to transfer airtime, there are certain things that you have to do.

First, change the pin from the default “0000” to a personalized pin. You must do this for security reasons. If you keep it as the default pin, anyone can transfer airtime without your knowledge. Changing it will safeguard your airtime.

Finally, the USSD code to transfer airtime to another user is *321*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. To transfer ₦300 to 08055555555, dial *321*0000*300*08055555555# and click send.

Please keep in mind that you can only transfer airtime to a 9mobile phone and cannot send it to other networks.

How To Change Your Transfer Pin On 9Mobile

As previously stated, changing your pin from the default one protects your airtime by limiting the number of people who can authorize an airtime transfer. To change your default pin to a personalized one, simply call *321*Defult Pin*New Pin#.

Please note that the default pin is 0000. So if you want to change your pin to 4647, for instance, you’d simply dial *321*0000*4647#.

How much airtime can I transfer?

Transfers start at ₦10 and can reach a maximum of ₦20,000 per transaction. You have a daily limit of transferring ₦100,000. You cannot exceed this limit. Please note that there is a ₦10 charge for every airtime transfer, regardless of the amount.


Transferring airtime from one 9mobile customer to another is quite simple. Simply dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. However, you can only transfer airtime to a 9mobile SIM card.

To prevent others from transferring airtime without your knowledge, you must change your transfer PIN from the default to a personalized one. Please keep in mind that every transfer incurs a fee of ₦10.

The maximum amount you can transfer at once is ₦20,000. However, you have a daily restriction of ₦100,000. Following the steps outlined in this guide should allow you to effectively transfer airtime and data.

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