How to Use Chipper Cash USSD Code in 2024

Why Does Chipper Cash Reject My BVN?

How to Use Chipper Cash USSD Code in 2024: In today’s digital world, convenience is essential, particularly when it comes to handling your funds while on the road. This is where the Chipper Cash USSD Code comes into play.

Chipper Cash USSD Code offers consumers an alternate means for verifying their Chipper Cash account. Unlike standard banking USSD codes, the USSD code is only for validating your Chipper account and not for transactional purposes. All transactions must take place exclusively through the app.

How to Use Chipper Cash USSD Code in 2024

Here is how to use the Chipper cash’s USSD code:

  1. Install the Chipper cash app.
  2. enter your phone number in the space provided on the sign-in screen, and click on continue 
  3. Click on “tap to verify using USSD.”
  4. You will receive a USSD code, simply dial it using the SIM card that was used to register for your Chipper account.
  5. Return to Chipper, and you will be automatically logged in! 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Chipper Cash have USSD?

Yes, Chipper cash have USSD but it is mainly for account verification.

How do I log into Chipper Cash with my phone number?

On the sign-in screen, enter your phone number and hit continue. This time you should see a “Tap to Verify using USSD” option. Tapping that should trigger the USSD dialing piece. Once you dial and return to the Chipper app, you should get logged in.

Does Chipper Cash require BVN?

Yes, Chipper cash requires BVN. It usually takes 24 hours for you to receive your BVN, and is often sent in a text message.

How long does Chipper Cash verification take?

Chipper cash reviews documents within 2 working/business days after submission. If the verification fails, you will receive a message with the reason. On the “Profile” tab, your verification status will be “Needs Resubmission.”

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