How to Use the Chipper Cash Virtual Card in 2024

How to Use the Chipper Cash Virtual Card in 2024

How to Use the Chipper Cash Virtual Card in 2024: A Chipper Cash card allows you to make payments anywhere on the globe with a virtual card that functions similarly to a physical card.

It is one of the payment methods that our Nigerian students have successfully used to fund our experiences.

How to Use the Chipper Cash Virtual Card in 2024

To utilize Chipper Cash for payments, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Verify your account. It is advisable to utilize NIN as a verification document. The verification process takes around seven days to complete.
  4. Once verified, create a virtual dollar card that you can fund and use to complete the purchase. There is also an option to establish a virtual naira card, but you must first create a virtual dollar card for your transaction.
  5. Transfer money from your regular bank account into your Chipper Cash account.
  6. Next, add sufficient dollars to the dollar card from your Chipper account balance.
  7. Click ‘Add money.’
  8. 7. After that, you can use the card to pay for your program online at:

Regarding Chipper Cash Virtual Cards, Note the Following

It is important to note that your Chipper Card account balance is not the same as your Chipper Card balance; you will pay for the purchase with your card balance rather than your account balance.

To see your Chipper Cash account number and bank name, click on ‘My Cash‘ at the top of your account dashboard; you will use this to make the transfer.

It takes 3–5 minutes for the funds you send to reflect on your card balance. The fund takes three to five minutes to reflect.

Additionally, while transferring funds from your Chipper Cash account balance to your Chipper Cash card balance, Chipper Cash exchange rates will apply, so make sure you have enough funds available.

To acquire further card details, such as the expiry date and security code that you will use on the Entry Level payment site, click on your virtual card and then on “Show card details,” to flip the card.

You can copy the details by clicking the copy icon on the virtual card, or you can simply copy them and paste them where necessary.

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