Polaris Bank Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address

Polaris Bank Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address

Polaris Bank Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address: With the help of this guide, you may get in touch with Polaris Bank customer service by email, live chat, or official phone numbers. Polaris Bank Ltd., also referred to as Polaris Bank, is a commercial bank in Nigeria that holds a CBN licence.

The bank has millions of customers around the country, and they frequently encounter a variety of transactional difficulties. Polaris thereafter introduced its online customer support.

Via the online helpdesk, you can receive support right from home for issues related to the following:

  • Visa card activation
  • Card hotlist
  • Account Reactivation
  • Card related complaints
  • Account Enquiries
  • Dormant account reactivation
  • E-service related issues
  • General enquiries
  • Request for auxiliary services- transactional alerts, internet banking.
  • Debit Card request
  • Cheque Book request
  • Others

Polaris Bank Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address

To get support over a phone call with a Polaris bank customer care representative call any of the following lines:

  • 0700 75932265
  • 0806 988 0000
  • 01 4482 100
  • 01 2705 850

The support phone number is open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. However, such numbers are not toll-free. Put otherwise, each second or minute that you spend on the call will cost you money. Furthermore, call rates in Nigeria are rather exorbitant over several network providers, as is well known.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, it is not a good idea to use the phone numbers. There are various more choices. Discover the alternatives to contacting a Polaris customer service agent through the helpline by continuing to read.

To receive support via email, forward your inquiries, requests or complaints to yescenter@polarisbanklimited.com

Within a few hours, you’ll get a response from a customer care representative.

Polaris Bank Customer Care Live Chat

Simply go to the Polaris customer service page and select the chat option located on the right-hand side of the screen to start a conversation with a customer service agent from Polaris Bank.

It is best to use a desktop or laptop computer for this. Alternatively, you can use the official Facebook page or Twitter handle to contact a customer service representative.

For those who are unwilling to squander money on voice calls, live chat is the ideal choice. However, the level of busyness in the day may require you to wait a few minutes to receive the assistance you require.

However, most of the time, you should hear back from us in a matter of minutes.

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