Salary Structure of Access Bank

Salary structure of access bank

Salary structure of access bank: Leading Nigerian bank Access Bank pays top talent competitive remuneration in an effort to draw and keep them. Employees at Access Bank typically make NGN 237,000 a month, although actual pay may differ based on region, experience level, and job title. In addition, Access Bank provides its staff with a range of perks, such as paid time off, retirement programs, and health insurance.

Salary Structure of Access Bank

Here are some of the average salaries for different job titles at Access bank:

  • Graduate Trainee: NGN 194,000 per month
  • Management Trainee: NGN 230,000 per month
  • Entry Level Staff: NGN 237,000 per month
  • Loan Officer Staff: NGN 350,000 per month
  • Credit Analyst: NGN 500,000 per month
  • Branch Manager: NGN 750,000 per month
  • Contract Staff: NGN 60,000 per month

In addition to their base salary, Access Bank employees also receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid vacation days
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Training and development opportunities

How much is Access Bank Entry Level Salary

In 2023, the monthly salary of entry-level employees at Access Bank Nigeria is estimated to be around NGN237,000. This adds out to an annual compensation package of NGN2.8 million. Entry-level employees at Access Bank are among the highest paid in the banking industry for their position, and when other financial incentives are taken into account, their earnings should rise sharply.

How much is Access Bank Graduate Trainees Salary?

Paying NGN48,750 a month on average, Access Bank graduate trainees receive a total compensation package of NGN194,000 for the four-month training program. Trainees go through a variety of training sessions throughout this period to get ready for future positions at the bank. They receive all the necessary training in banking operations, and before being hired as entry-level employees, they must demonstrate proficiency in these areas.

How much is Access Bank Contract Staff Salary?

Monthly compensation for contract employees of Access Bank range from NGN60,000 to NGN100,000, or NGN720,000 to NGN1.2 million annually. The employee’s department of employment and academic background determine the exact wage amount.

Additionally, contract employees could have performance goals that have an impact on their pay each month. It is a terrific idea to begin or further your banking career at Access Bank. Together with possibilities for advancement, the bank provides competitive pay and benefits.

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