What is Glo Customer Care Number?

Can a Glo SIM Work on an iPad?

What is Glo Customer Care Number? Mike Adenuga established Globacom Limited, also referred to as Glo (Global Communication), on August 29, 2003, as a transnational telecommunications firm based in Nigeria. The company employed around 3,500 individuals globally as of June 2018.

2011 saw GLO become the first telecom firm to construct the $800 million Glo-1 underwater cable, a high-capacity fiber-optic link that connects Nigeria and the United Kingdom. This is the first successful underwater cable that connects Nigeria to the United Kingdom.

The Mike Adenuga Group, which also includes Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing company; Conoil Producing, a crude exploration and production company, and Cobblestone Properties and Estates, a real estate and property development company, privately owns GLO.

What is customer care?

Customer care is the process by which businesses establish a close connection with their clients by treating them with dignity and compassion. It is something that the entire team, not simply customer success managers or customer care representatives, can and should tackle.

Delivering the services that customers demand from a business or offering the appropriate technical help are only two aspects of customer care. It is about establishing relationships and attending to their emotional needs. You have to treat clients the way you want them to in order to achieve this. In order to determine the optimal answer, you must pay attention to each person’s demands.

What is Glo Customer Care Number?

Glo Mobile, or Globacom, provides a free means of communication for their customers by offering Glo Toll-Free Service and customer care services too. The caller, or Glo Toll-Free subscriber, bears the cost of the call. Through this service, subscribers have the chance to draw clients from the steadily expanding Glo mobile subscriber base.

The Glo customer care service helps subscribers to the best of their knowledge regarding the request or need of the customer.

Glo Customer Numbers are digits that Globacom provides to help their customers communicate with a customer care representative in order to assist in one way or another regarding any challenges they encounter while using the Glo service or to get clarifications on what they don’t understand.

The Glo customer care numbers are listed below:

  • 0805 002 0121
  • 300
  • customercare@gloworld.com
  • corporatecare@gloworld.com

0805 002 0121 The advantage of this particular customer care number is that any other line can contact Glo customer care with it.

300 Toll-Free Number. For prepaid lines on Glo and postpaid lines on Glo.

To contact Glo customer care through email, customercare@gloworld.com or corporatecare@gloworld.com type in or state your request or issue.


How to Check NIN Number on Glo Using USSD Code

Keep in mind that a cost of N20 is incurred while checking your NIN on Glo with the USSD code. That is to say that you should have at least N20 airtime on your Glo SIM before checking your NIN.

  • Launch the dialer app on your phone.
  • Dial *346#.
  • Reply “1” NIN retrieval.
  • Your NIN will display, and an SMS will be sent to you shortly.

Code to transfer data on Glo?

*312# is the USSD code to send data from Glo to Glo. Select 3 (Share Datain the reply space. Just dial the number and follow the instructions.

How do you convert airtime to cash?

Do You Want To Convert Excess Airtime To Cash, Follow This Easy Steps

  • Sign up. Follow our easy steps and sign up on Glover.
  • View Rates. From the drop-down menu, select airtime to cash, and choose your network and amount.
  • Convert. Send the airtime to the highlighted number, and in a moment you will receive the estimated value for the airtime.

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