Who Sang the Airtel 444 Song

Who Sang the Airtel 444 Song

Who Sang the Airtel 444 Song: There is a misconception as to who sang the 444 Airtel commercial. Who is the voice behind the renowned Airtel 444 commercial? This post will not only answer that question but will also share the lyrics of the debut.

A final-year student at the University of Ilorin released the Airtel 444 commercial in 2020. She won a competition that Airtel organized for university students.

Read further to see who this gorgeous lady is.

Who Sang the Airtel 444 Song

Omolade Oyetundun is the real singer of the well-known Airtel 444 commercial. Simply known as Lade, the emerging singer is quickly gaining popularity among music fans thanks to her stunning performance in the Airtel commercial.

Premium Times, in their interview with the singer, asked what inspired her choice of lyrics. She went on to say, “The lyrics were already penned down. I liked it, I enjoyed it, and I personalized it. I put myself into the lyrics because that was what would bring out the beauty of any work of art. As a musician, whether you wrote your lyrics or not, if you don’t put yourself into the lyrics, you may not get the best out of it. So, I did not write it, but I put bits of myself into it, and it came out while.”

Lade, as she is fondly called, who is the real singer of the Airtel 444 commercial, expressed her displeasure at the speculations about who the real singer was. A lot of people who felt like the real singer was Teni claim their voices sound alike. However, she, Lade, has yet to hear the likeness in their voice. She says that Airtel did not publicize her as they would other popular Nigerian artists because she has not ‘blown’ yet.

Lade wants to do music full-time. She spends her time recording songs back to back and creating content, and she hopes to work with more big brands shortly, as Airtel is the only big brand she has worked with.

The Lyrics of the Airtel 444 Song


du du du du

du du du du




You fit to do anything with the number


Everything easy no long thing with 444

No dey scatter your brain with plenty numbers

Abegi jo jo jo

Dial the number 444

Oremi ma lo fo

O je sare lo 444

Mo ni ma fo, ma lo go

Control code e dey your hand


Opor Opor

4 meta is a metaphor

You can recharge for airtime jor

You can subscribe for data jor jor jor


Anywhere you dey

Whatever you do


You can use the number ooo

Wo yo Wo yo yo


Yo Yo Yo Yo YoYo

Weh Yo Yo weh yo


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