How to Block First Bank Account Securely & Quickly

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Let’s say you lose your ATM card or, even worse, your phone is stolen. Is your first bank account at risk of being hacked or having your money stolen? You start to feel scared because you don’t know if your First Bank account is safe from scammers and thieves. You need a way to stay alive quickly. Here’s what you need: a step-by-step guide on how to protect your money and block your First Bank account in Nigeria.

These days, digital safety is very important, so learning how to keep your money safe is not only useful, it’s necessary. Come with us as we talk about how to keep your First Bank account safe.

There are many reasons to block your bank account, but the main one is that you don’t want your money to be stolen. The problem is that many people don’t know how to block their account number, and there isn’t enough information out there to help them either.

Because some people have a First Bank account and want to block it for some reason, we made this guide. You need to act quickly to protect your money as soon as you feel that your first bank account is being used without your permission.

You can quickly get help to block your First Bank account by calling customer service or going to a branch near you.

There are other ways to block your First Bank account if you can’t do any of the above. Find out how to lock your First Bank account without going to the bank by reading on.

How to Block First Bank Account

You can block your First Bank account and keep your money safe by calling the number linked to your account and doing one of the following:

1. Block Your First Bank Account Using SMS

If you lose your ATM card or notice strange activity or transactions on your First Bank account, you can block it by sending an SMS with the word “BLOCK” to 30012 from the phone number linked to your First Bank account.

It won’t work if you don’t use the account number that’s linked to your first bank account.

2. Block First Bank Account by Visiting the Bank or Calling Customer Care

To quickly block your First Bank account, you can go to the branch closest to you or call the customer service lines at +234 1 905 2326, +234 708 062 5000, or +234 1 448 5500.

3. Block First Bank Account ATM Card Using Mobile App

  • Log in to your First Bank Mobile App (First Mobile); if you don’t have the app, see how to register and use First Bank mobile banking.
  • Select Option and then choose Card Services
  • Then select your card type and tap on Hot List Card, and you will get instructions on what to do.

Make sure you follow all the instructions to block your first bank account ATM card.

How to Block First Bank Account From Another Phone

Your First Bank account can’t be blocked from another phone, but you can stop transactions from happening on the phone number that is linked to your First Bank account (USSD).

To deactivate a phone number linked to your First Bank account, just call *894*911# from a different phone number and enter it. After that, that phone number will not be able to do any business with your First Bank account.


How Long Does It Take to Block Your FirstBank Nigeria Account?

It should not take more than 24 hours to block your First Bank account. Just make sure to use the SMS method, visit any nearest First Bank branch, or call the bank’s customer care number.

Can I Unblock My First Bank Account number?

After blocking your First bank account, you can get it back. After you’ve made sure your account is safe, you can always turn it back on. Since you can’t do anything with your account if it’s blocked.

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