How to Block Uba ATM Card (Stolen or Missing Debit Card)

How to Block Uba ATM Card

How to Block UBA ATM Card

How to use USSD to block or deactivate your debit or ATM card (UBA) How to Use USSD to Block a UBA Debit or ATM Card

One type of debit card is a plastic card that can be used to pay for things instead of cash or to get cash from an ATM. Similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money is taken straight from the cardholder’s bank account when they make a purchase.

Reasons to Block a Debit Card or ATM Card

  1. If the  debit or ATM Card is stolen,
  2. If the debit or ATM card is missing,
  3. If the debit or ATM card is been used by another person for a transaction not originating from you,

The guide below will assist you in blocking your UBA ATM or debit card.

How to Block Uba ATM Card

Dial *919*10# from the phone number you used while opening your account to block UBA debit Card.

How to Freeze UBA Account

Dial *919*9# to freeze your account.

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