How to Check 9Mobile Number

How to Check 9Mobile Number

How to Check 9Mobile Number: 9Mobile is one of the top suppliers of mobile services in Nigeria. The business provides its clients with a range of services, such as data and phone services. In the event that a customer has to check their account balance or get in touch with customer support, they should be able to verify their 9Mobile number.

This post will address pertinent queries and show you how to verify your phone number on 9Mobile.

How To Check 9mobile Number

Consumers can check their 9Mobile number by following a few easy steps. There are several ways to find out your phone number if you are a 9Mobile customer. To obtain your phone number, first dial *248# from your 9Mobile SIM card.

To obtain your number, you can also contact customer service or leave a call-me-back message on a friend’s phone.

1. Using USSD

On 9Mobile, you can verify your phone number by using the USSD code. The simplest and most straightforward method of finding your number is this one. To complete the process, simply call *248# and press send. On your screen will be your phone number.

2. Calling customer care service

You can also ask to have your phone number forwarded to you by calling customer support at 300.

But using this approach is time-consuming because you have to wait to talk with a customer representative before your request can be fulfilled.

3. Beep a friend

You can beep at a close friend or relative if your phone has airtime. You can obtain your number using this method, which you can then copy and store on your phone. You might also give a distant relative a call and ask them to call your number on your behalf.

4. Send a call-me-back message to a friend

You can also text a 9Mobile number and say, “Call me back.” To initiate the process, simply dial *266*4*recipient number#. Compared to calling customer service, this approach is quicker.

5. Using sim toolkit

This is another way to check your 9mobile phone number. The SIM toolkit is installed on every phone, whether you use an Android, iPhone, or button phone. 

Here’s how to check phone number using the sim toolkit

  • Go to your menu and launch the toolkit app
  • Select 9mobile
  • Click on “My service.”
  • Click “My account.”
  • Click on “Show my number.” However, you might need to scroll a bit to see this option.
  • After a while, your number will be displayed on your screen

6. Using Mobile App

This approach is reserved for users who have already downloaded and authenticated the application. To use the mobile app, simply switch on your mobile data and open it. The dashboard will show your phone number.

How To Hide Phone Number On 9Mobile

On 9mobile, there are various ways to conceal your phone number. It can be hidden by dialing the #31 phone number and clicking send, or by going into the phone’s settings. Here’s how to use the phone setting on 9Mobile to conceal your phone number.

1. Using Phone Settings

For 9mobile users, whether they use an iPhone or an Android device, this section provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to hide your phone number.

Android User

This feature comes preinstalled on most Android devices. All you need to do is adhere to the instructions listed below.

  • Go to the phone settings on the menu or pull down the notification bar to access the settings icon.
  • Click on “call settings.”
  • After clicking on “call settings,” you’ll click on “additional settings.”
  • Click on “caller ID.”
  • Select “hide number” to hide your 9Mobile number.

The methods for hiding your number will vary depending on the type of Android device you have. Samsung phones, for example, typically hide caller ID in a different method.

For Samsung user

  • Click on the call icon.
  • You’ll see three vertical dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on it. After clicking on the three dots, it will list some options.
  • Click on the “settings” option.
  • After clicking on “settings,” click on “supplementary services.” At the top of the “supplementary services” option, you’ll see “show your caller ID.”
  • Click on “Show your caller ID” and choose Never.

iPhone users

  • Click on “settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “phone” option and click on it.
  • After clicking on the “phone” option, scroll down to “Show My Caller ID.” You can toggle it off.

Click on “settings.” Scroll down to the “phone” option and click on it. After clicking on the “phone” option, scroll down to the “Show My Caller ID.” You can toggle it off.

2. Using the USSD Method

The USSD method is for those who use the phone settings method. Unlike the other method, this one is straightforward. 

All you have to do is put #31# in front of any number you want to hide your number from. To put it in context, dial #31#08055555555 and call. This will automatically hide your phone number from the person you are calling.


Checking your phone number on 9Mobile is very easy. There are different ways to check for it. First, you can dial *248# from your 9Mobile SIM card and get your phone number. 

You can also call customer care service on 300 and request for your phone number to be sent to you. This method will allow you to have your own number, which you can copy and save on your phone. 

You can also use your SIM toolkit to check your 9Mobile as well. All you have to do is go to your menu and launch the toolkit app Select 9mobile, Click on “my service,” Click “my account,” and Click on “show my number.” 

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