How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank

How to Link NIN to Your First Bank Account 

How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank: A statement of account is a document that records all transactions between you and a specific customer over a given period.

Generally, business owners provide statements of accounts to their clients to inform them of the amount they owe for credit sales made during that period.

Instead of waiting days for your statement of account to arrive in the mail, you can check it on your phone or use the other means I will be sharing with you in this post. I will walk you through how to verify your statement of account on your phone or by visiting any First Bank location near you!

How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank Via the Mobile Banking App

This method is also fairly simple if you carefully follow the steps I have highlighted for you. However, this method requires an internet connection on your phone.

To acquire your first bank statement of account, complete the procedures below:

  1. Install the First Bank Mobile App.
  2. Log in or register if you are a first-time user.
  3. After logging on to your dashboard, tap on ‘History’ at the top right corner of your screen
  4. Your last 20 transactions will be displayed for you.
  5. Also, you can use the calendar icon to check the other transactions.

How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank Using USSD Code

The USSD code for checking the First Bank Statement of Account is *894#. The First Bank USSD Code is one of the fastest ways to acquire your First Bank statement of account!

To utilize this approach, perform these steps:

  1. Open the call app on your phone
  2. Dial *894# with the number registered with your account
  3. Select “Quick Banking.”
  4. Select “Enquiry Service.” 
  5. Then select “Mini Statement.”
  6. Once you do this, your statement of account will be sent to you.

How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank by Sending Emails

This is another way to examine your First Bank statement of account. To utilize this approach, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your email account.
  2. Send a request to
  3. Make sure you indicate the period for which you require your statement of account.
  4. Within 24 hours, you will receive your statement of account, which you may download to your phone in PDF format.
  5. To open the PDF, you will need to provide a password, which will be provided on your account statement.
  6. Once you enter the password, your first bank statement of account for the desired period will appear in front of you!

How to Check Statement of Account on First Bank by Visiting a Nearby Branch

The final option is to visit any First Bank office near you! Walk into the building, find their customer care desk, and request your statement of account.

Of course, some account information will be requested, and if you respond with the correct answers, they will print your First Bank statement of account for you!

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