How to Change Phone Number on Keystone Bank

How to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank to Palmpay

How to Change Phone Number on Keystone Bank: It is imperative to guarantee smooth communication and uninterrupted access to financial services while seeking to update a new phone number with Keystone Bank. Usually, this process involves going to a branch and filling out the required documentation. Following the bank’s security procedures requires you to confirm your identity with the correct information and legitimate identification. Keystone Bank will process the update upon submission and confirm the change after it is finished. It is advisable to swiftly update your new phone number on all pertinent platforms in order to prevent any communication or banking facility access issues.

When updating their phone number with Keystone Bank, customers should put accuracy and thoroughness first at every stage of the procedure. Providing accurate data and legitimate identification contributes to keeping the account secure.

Updating your phone number with Keystone Bank is a sign of your dedication to keeping your account details up-to-date and improving communication. Customers help ensure process security and efficiency by adhering to the bank’s policies and presenting legitimate identification.

Steps on How to Change Phone Number on Keystone Bank

Changing a mobile number on a Keystone Bank account can be carried out in a very simple steps listed below:

  • Visit the nearest Keystone Bank branch around you.
  • Request a customer information update form.
  • Fill out the customer information update form.
  • provide identification to verify your identity (driver’s license, international passport, or national ID card).
  • Submit the form.

NB: It’s crucial to ensure that you provide accurate information and follow any security protocols the bank has in place to safeguard your.

Who can use this service?

To gain access to these services, you must:

  • Customers registered with any of the mobile network operators: MTN, GLO, Airtel, or 9Mobile.
  • All individual accounts (joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts) are not eligible for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Block Your Keystone Bank ATM Card via USSD Code

The code to be used to block your ATM card / account at Keystone Bank is called a panic code. This panic code places a PND (post no debit) on your account until you reach out to your bank to rectify and block the card or get a new one.

To block your Keystone Bank ATM card, follow the steps below:

  • Launch a dialer app on your phone.
  • Dial *7111*911# from any phone.
  • Enter the account/phone number to place a PND on all your accounts.

How to Check Keystone Bank Account Number 2024

  • Launch the dialer app on your smartphone.
  • Dial *7111# and call right away.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Select the option for “Check Account Number” or a similar option.
  • It might be necessary for you to enter your PIN or supply additional authentication information.
  • Your Keystone Bank account number will appear on the screen or be sent to you via SMS upon verification.

NB: Firstly, ensure your phone number is linked to your Keystone Bank account, and remember to keep your PIN and other banking information private and safe.

How to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank

Transfer money from Keystone Banking by following the steps below:

  • Dial *7111*Amount*Nuban Account Number# (e.g., *7111*120,000*9876543210#) from your phone number, which must be the number you used to open your Keystone Bank account.
  • Authenticate your transaction with your PIN.

How to Activate Keystone Bank Transfer Code

Follow the steps below to activate the Keystone transfer code:

  1. Dial *7111#.
  2. Attempt a transaction on the menu, e.g., “1” Balance Enquiry.
  3. Registration options are displayed.
  4. Select the ‘Register Option’.
  5. Input your account number.
  6. Input your date of birth.
  7. Create your transaction pin.
  8. And so on.

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