How to Get a UBA ATM Card

how to get a uba atm card

How to Get a UBA ATM Card: This article discusses the cost of UBA’s new ATM card, how to obtain one, and how to effortlessly activate a UBA ATM card in Nigeria. Share Are you intending to apply for a UBA ATM card and want to know how much it costs and how to get one? This article explained the cost and process of obtaining a UBA ATM card.

The Cost of a New ATM

The cost of the new UBA ATM card is 1,000 naira. Whether you are applying for the first time or have misplaced your prior ATM card and wish to reapply for a new one,! The price remains at 1,000 naira.

How to Get a UBA ATM Card

The following are the steps to obtain a new ATM card:

  • Go to any UBA bank, including the location where you opened your account.
  • Request a new ATM card.
  • If you have lost your ATM card, you will need to block it first.
  • Fill out the form for a new UBA ATM card.
  • Wait for a pickup alert from UBA Bank, or check in at the same UBA branch where you applied for the ATM card within 7 working days.

Process of collecting new ATM card in UBA

  • Request the collection of your card. They will offer you a short form to fill out, and after your ATM card is available,.
  • you will be taken to a verification officer to validate your new ATM card.
  • After verification, you must still activate your new UBA ATM card at an ATM. All you have to do is walk to the ATM outside and activate your card.

How to activate new UBA ATM Card

  • Your ATM card is inside an envelope; open it to reveal your new ATM card.
  • Launch the freshly generated activation code.
  • Put the new activation code on your new UBA ATM card and insert it.
  • Press the “Change Pin” button. Enter your new password, which should be your unique four-digit passcode.
  • After you click “Continue,” a confirmation message stating that your pin has been successfully changed will appear.
  • You can also use the preceding steps to alter your pin at any time.

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