How to Migrate to Glo Berekete 2024

How to Migrate to Glo Berekete

How to Migrate to Glo Berekete 2024: Because of the many benefits that Glo Berekete offers, it is the default tariff plan for all Glo subscribers. Nevertheless, there is a noticeable trend among current and former subscribers to switch to the Berekete plan, which is what motivated us to provide this in-depth guide on the Glo Berekete migration code, benefits, and migration process.

Glo BEREKETE++ is now Glo BEREKETE 10X. BEREKETE 10X comes fully loaded with even more bountiful voice and data benefits.

Glo Berekete Migration Code

For new subscribers, BEREKETE++ is now known as BEREKETE 10X as the default tariff plan. Glo subscribers who have already signed up can also benefit from BEREKETE10x by dialing *312#.

For already-existing customers who are not on Glo Berekete, follow the steps below to migrate:

  • Launch the dialer on your phone.
  • Dial *312#.
  • Reply “5” (Voice / Data Roaming Offers).
  • Reply “4” (Berekete 10x)
  • Shortly, you will receive an SMS about your successful migration to Glo Berekete.

GLO Berekete10x Call Rate Charges

The primary account charges 36k/sec for calls made with GLO Berekete 10x, whereas the bonus account charges 77k/sec.

Glo Bekereke 10x recharge bonus

There is an extra bonus offer in the Berekete 10x pricing plan that gives Glo customers an amazing ten times their recharge amount. This bonus can be utilized for both internet browsing and making outbound calls, which is its dual function.

BEREKETE 10X is a bonus-based prepaid tariff package that offers users who recharge their Glo lines with a minimum of N100 10 times the value of each recharge in the form of fantastic voice and data advantages. Customers can use BEREKETE 10X to meet both their chatting and browsing demands with a single recharge.

Benefits of The Glo Berekete 

  1. A welcome bonus of N1,000 for all new customers upon successful activation of their lines. Successful activation means registering your SIM, recharging with a minimum of N100, and making a first call.
    • N800 to call all networks.
    • N200 to use for data at the rate of N1/mb, i.e. 200MB data
  2. A whopping 10X bonus on every recharge to call ALL NETWORKS and browse the Internet.
  3. New customers also enjoy up to 100% bonus on every data plan they buy in the first 4 months on the Glo network.
  4. Both voice and data bonus are valid for 7 days from when your line is credited

The consumer will earn an incredible 1000% bonus, depending on the quantity refilled, as follows:

N100N100N400N50040MB + 20MB night
N200N200N800N1,00080MB + 40MB night
N500N500N2000N2,500200MB + 100MB night
N1,000N1,000N4,000N5,000400MB + 200MB night


How to Migrate to Glo Berekete 2024

*301# is the code. For new subscribers, BEREKETE 10X takes the place of BEREKETE++ as the default tariff plan. Glo subscribers who have already signed up can also benefit from BEREKETE 10X by dialing *301#.

What Code Can I Use to Recharge My Glo Line?

*311* is the code to recharge on Glo. Simply dial *311# recharge digit/pin#

Which USSD codes are frequently used to check Glo balances?

  • Dial *310# on your Glo line.
  • When you wait a little while, a message with your Glo airtime balance will appear on your phone.

NB: The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has urged mobile network operators (MNOs) to start implementing authorized harmonized short codes (HSC) for the provision of specific services to telecom consumers in Nigeria, with a deadline of May 17, 2023. Globacom has now put this instruction into effect, so using the previous USSD code (#124#) to check your airtime balance is no longer functional.

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