How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to MTN

How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to MTN

How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to MTN: Do you need to transfer airtime from your Airtel to MTN SIM card, or are you trying to do so for a friend or family member?
It is nothing new to be able to share your Airtel airtime with other network customers. It has been in circulation for a very long time. Nevertheless, based on the small percentage of Airtel customers who use this service, it appears that the majority of people are unaware of it.

Airtel Networks Limited (Airtel Nigeria), generally referred to as Airtel, is Nigeria’s main mobile network operator. They have a large and devoted subscriber base that relies on them for telecommunications and other associated services. They compete with other telecommunications networks in terms of delivering excellent service.

MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company that operates in several African and Asian countries. The company’s headquarters are in Johannesburg. Both networks provide their users with a variety of services.

How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to MTN

This service requires a personalized password. Therefore, if you have not used Airtel’s Me2U service before, you must change the default password, which is 1234, to your password. To do this, via SMS, type PIN [give space] your old password [give a space] your new password, and send it to 432. For example, “PIN 1234 9989” and send it to 432. Don’t include the quotation marks when typing the message. 

Alternatively, you can:

1. Simply dial *432#

2. To change your PIN, reply with 3.

3. On the next screen, enter your current PIN, and send.

4. Next, type in your new PIN, and confirm it.

5. Your PIN will be successfully changed.

How to Transfer Airtime from Airtel to MTN Using USSD Codes

Transferring airtime from Airtel to other networks is possible! Before now, it used to be an impossible task as there was no way to go about it. However, below is a guide on how to do it:

1. Simply dial *432# on your Airtel line.

2. Select “Airtel to other networks” transfer by replying with 2.

3. Choose “Airtel swap” by replying with 3.

4. Type the receiver’s or beneficiary’s number. Make sure it is not an Airtel number.

5. Enter the amount you want to transfer to the number.

6. Enter your PIN, and send.

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