Why is My Access Bank USSD Code Not Working?

Why is My Access Bank USSD Code Not Working?

Why is My Access Bank USSD Code Not Working? Through USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, Access Bank provides its clients with a handy method of accessing financial services. You can use your phone to carry out a number of banking operations with these codes. You may, however, occasionally run into problems with your Access Bank USSD code not functioning as intended. We will look at a few typical causes of this issue in this post and offer fixes to assist you resume easy banking. So follow me, remain vigilant, and do not let up!

Access Bank USSD Codes

Access Bank offers a variety of USSD codes to make it simple and quick for customers to perform banking tasks. These codes are intended to be convenient, particularly in situations where you do not have access to a banking app or the internet.

*901# is the USSD code for Access Bank. You may check your account balance, send money, purchase airtime, and do a lot of other things with this code.

Common Reasons for Access Bank USSD Code Issues

Many things could be at play if you discover that your Access Bank USSD code is not functioning. These are a few typical causes:

  • Problems with the network: USSD codes require a steady network connection. The USSD code may not function properly if you are in a place with spotty network coverage or frequent network disruptions. Before using the code, make sure you are connected to a strong network.
  • Incorrect USSD Code: Problems may arise if the USSD code is typed incorrectly. It is important to type the code exactly, making sure to include any necessary characters like hashtags or asterisks. Make sure the code you are dialing corresponds to the intended transaction by checking it twice. Recall that the Access Bank USSD Code is *901# and that it must be entered exactly that way!
  • Account Restrictions: There may occasionally be transaction limitations applied to your account. Your USSD transactions can fail if you go beyond these limits. I hope that you have not blocked the USSD code lately, for whatever reason. To find out if this could be the problem, check your transaction history and account balance. Alternatively, you can easily call *901*911# from the number associated with your Access Bank account, choose option 6 to unlock your USSD code, input your 4-digit PIN, and verify the transaction. It is possible that your USSD has been blocked.
  • Service interruptions: Banks may undergo maintenance or encounter technological problems from time to time, which may impact USSD services. You can run into issues if you try to utilize the code while it is under maintenance or when there are known technical issues.

What to do When Access Bank USSD Code Not Working?

Here are some actions you may take to fix any issues you may be having with your Access Bank USSD code:

  • Verify Network Signal: Prior to utilizing the USSD code, make sure your network signal is steady. Consider relocating to a place with a stronger signal if you are at a spot with bad reception.
  • Check for USSD codes: Make sure you are dialing the correct USSD code for the particular transaction you wish to complete by checking it twice. The code must be entered exactly as Access Bank has instructed.
  • Verify the Transaction Caps: Check your account transaction limits to determine whether any restrictions have been achieved. If required, get in touch with Access Bank’s customer service to find out how to raise your transaction limits.
  • Get in touch with customer service: If none of the aforementioned solutions work to fix your problem, you should get help from Access Bank’s customer service. They can offer advice, monitor the status of your account, and assist in resolving any technical issues.

Always Stay Informed

Take into consideration the following to remain up to date on any new developments or problems pertaining to Access Bank’s USSD services:

  • Official Communication: For announcements on USSD services, maintenance, or technical issues, visit Access Bank’s official website, social media pages, or mobile app.
  • Customer Service: Keep Access Bank’s customer service number handy so you can quickly get in touch with them in the event of an issue. They are able to help in the present.

Access Bank Customer Support Phone Number & Email Address 

To contact Access Bank customer support:


USSD codes from Access Bank provide a practical method to access banking services while on the road. However, things like erroneous code entry, account constraints, network issues, or service outages can cause problems.

You can fix USSD code problems and keep taking use of Access Bank’s convenient mobile banking by following the above-mentioned instructions and keeping up with official channels. Keep in mind that Access Bank’s customer service is available to help you with any issues you might run across.

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