Can a Glo SIM Work on an iPad?

Can a Glo SIM Work on an iPad?

Can a Glo SIM Work on an iPad? Internet access is becoming more and more popular in Nigeria, and many people can now access the internet at extremely low costs, even on their iPads, thanks to Globacom Nigeria.

What You Need to Know about iPad

If you have made the decision to purchase an iPad, you should be aware that not all of them feature a SIM card port. The Apple iPad 3G and Apple iPad non-3G (Wi-Fi iPad) are not the same. While a Wi-Fi iPad lacks a SIM card port, a 3G iPad does.

If you own a 3G iPad, you can access the internet through Wi-Fi as well as iPad data plans provided by ISPs (Internet service providers); however, if you own a Wi-Fi iPad, you can only access the internet through Wi-Fi. 3G iPads are more expensive than Wi-Fi iPads.

Apple iPads use micro SIM cards that are smaller than the normal SIM cards we insert into our mobile phones. You can walk into any Globacom office to get a micro SIM card for your iPad.

Can a Glo SIM Work on an iPad?

Back to the main question Can a Glo SIM work on an iPad? Yes, of course. All you need to do is purchase a 3G iPad, which comes with a SIM card slot. Follow the steps below to activate your Glo SIM on your iPad:

  • Since a micro SIM appears to be the only form of SIM that functions with these devices, simply walk into any Gloworld store and make this request. After some time, the SIM will start working. You don’t have to give it a full day.
  • Now, load your credit and subscribe to your plan of your choice.
  • Once you receive the subscription notification from Glo, navigate to the iPad’s internet settings. APN Settings is located under Settings >> Mobile Data. As you fill in the blanks, remember to fill in the following:
    1. APN: gloflat.
    2. U/NAME: flat.
    3. PASSWORD: flat.

Now restart your smartphone and exit the settings. You should now be able to use the Glo network to connect to the internet on your iPad after restarting it.


How to Load Glo Airtime Using a USSD Code

*311* is the code to load a Glo card in Nigeria.

  • Launch your dialer on your phone
  • Dial *311* recharge digit/pin#
  • Once the recharge pin is correct, it will display a successful recharge.
  • Instantly, you will receive a message stating that your recharge was successful and that your current airtime balance.

NB: The Glo recharge pin or digit is always and must be 15 in number (3428-7669-8087-899). That means that any Glo airtime you purchase on paper must have the complete 15 digits.

Buy Data on Glo Using USSD Codes

To purchase data on Glo, you can use one of two codes. You can either dial the NCC-approved universal code, *312#. This is a simplified, step-by-step tutorial that explains how to use the Glo data code to purchase data bundles on Glo.

USING *312#

  • Dial *312#.
  • Follow the guidelines displayed on your phone screen.
  • Choose a data bundle that meets your demands and your budget.
  • Confirm your selection, and you’re all set!

How to Load Glo Airtime via Bank using USSD code

NB: Every bank has different codes for USSD transactions. This implies that the USSD code used by Bank A is not the same as the USSD code used by Bank B, Bank C, etc.

Follow the steps below to load or purchase Glo airtime using the bank USSD code:

  • Launch the dialer on your.
  • Dial your bank’s USSD code. Always dial the bank USSD code with the number you used when opening the account.
  • Select Airtime
  • Key in the amount you desire
  • Key in your Glo number
  • Verify the number and amount before entering your pin.
  • Input your pin and select send or OK.

Example: If you are a Fidelity Bank customer,. Dial *770#, select 1, select airtime, select 1-self (IF THE GLO LINE IS THE LINE YOU USED IN OPENING THE ACCOUNT IN BANK) or select 2-other, type your desired amount, and key in your Glo number if you selected “others.”. Verify the information you provided, then key in your 4-digit pin to approve the transaction. Shortly, you will receive a message from your bank and Glo.

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