How to Borrow Airtime from 9MOBILE

How to Borrow Airtime from 9MOBILE

How to borrow airtime from 9Mobile: Are you tired of running out of airtime on your 9Mobile? line at critical times? Do not let a low balance keep you from what counts. 9mobile’s “Morecredit” feature allows you to borrow airtime instantly and repay it on your next recharge. But how do you get airtime from 9Mobile?

This essay will walk you through the simple procedures for borrowing airtime from 9Mobile, utilizing several techniques. Continue reading to learn how to borrow airtime from 9Mobile and never miss an important call or message again.

Requirements Needed to Borrow Airtime from 9Mobile.

Your next recharge will be reduced by the amount of borrowed airtime. Active 9Mobile prepaid customers who satisfy the requirements can borrow airtime using this service. The following are the additional credits for 9MOBILE (Etisalat) qualifications:

  • You need to have an active 9Mobile line.
  • In the last ninety days, you must have made calls and recharged your 9Mobile SIM.
  • They choose the amount of airtime you can borrow at any given time.
  • But the more you recharge, the more you can borrow. In order to verify your eligibility for 9Mobile airtime loans, you can text “STATUS” to 665 or dial 6653#.

Things to know before you borrow credit on 9MOBILE..

15% of the borrowed airtime will be retained as a service fee, and only 85% of the airtime will be credited to your 9MOBILE account. Various credit bands are accessible to different clients based on their profile (network tenure, frequency of spending, etc.).

The range of available credit bands is N50 to N2,000 in additional credit. Every time you recharge, the user will be automatically notified that the remaining borrowed airtime will be subtracted first.

  • To utilize the 9MOBILE extra credit service, you must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Airtime from your 9Mobile More Credit account cannot be transferred.
  • Airtime from your 9Mobile+ credit account can be used for all activities on the network that are subject to charges.

How to Borrow Airtime from 9MOBILE Using USSD Code

To borrow airtime on 9MOBILE (Etisalat), follow the following simple guidelines:

  • Dial *665# (You must be a 9Mobile subscriber to enjoy this service)
  • You can also borrow by dialing *665*amount#. For example, *665*100#. This will allow you borrow N100 worth of 9Mobile credit
  • Please note that a 15% service charge applies to every amount of airtime you borrow from 9Mobile, which is due upon repayment of the loan.

You will receive a message confirming the successful transaction and informing you that a service fee of 15% will be applied to your 9MOBILE (Etisalat) credit account, leaving just 85% of the borrowed money to be credited to your account!

How to check your 9Mobile credit account balance

The only thing left to figure out is how to check the balance of your additional credit account after learning how to borrow airtime on 9Mobile.

The majority of people look it up online, and since you are here, you obviously want to know! So, if you have come here just to learn how to borrow airtime from 9Mobile, then consider this a bonus tip!

Thus, how can you check the balance of your 9Mobile credit account? Of course, with the right guidance, it is rather easy! Check the amount of credit remaining in your borrowed airtime account by following these easy steps.

This is among the most often used, quickest, and most straightforward methods for checking your phone’s 9Mobile credit amount immediately.

  • Dial *232# on your mobile device, then wait for an SMS response from 9Mobile showing your airtime balance.

How to Repay 9Mobile More Credit airtime

All you have to do is recharge your phone, and 9Mobile will do the rest! 

FAQs regarding 9Mobile’s airtime borrowing

What is airtime borrowing on 9Mobile?

With 9Mobile’s airtime borrowing service, qualified users can borrow airtime on credit when they run out and repay it with their subsequent recharge.

How can I borrow 9Mobile airtime?

To borrow airtime on 9MOBILE, just adhere to these easy instructions:

  • Enter *665# (to use this service, you must be a 9Mobile subscriber).
  • You can also call *665*amount# to borrow money.
  • Let us say that *665*100#. You can use this to borrow N100 in 9Mobile credit.

NOTE: Please be aware that every airtime amount you borrow from 9Mobile is subject to a 15% service charge, which is payable when the loan is repaid.

Who can obtain a 9Mobile airtime loan?

Prepaid users who have spent a minimum of N900 per month and have been on the network for at least three months are eligible to borrow airtime from 9mobile.

Does 9Mobile charge a service fee when you borrow airtime?

Yes, there is a service charge for borrowed airtime. Depending on how often you borrow, the service charge might be anywhere from 10% to 15% of the total amount borrowed.

How do I return the airtime that I borrowed on 9Mobile?

Your subsequent recharge will be reduced by the borrowed amount. The outstanding balance will be subtracted from future recharges until the debt is paid in full if the recharge amount is less than the amount borrowed.

Can I use my 9Mobile airtime to borrow money if I have an unpaid loan?

No, before you may borrow again, you have to repay any remaining airtime that you have borrowed.

What occurs if, after borrowing airtime, I decide to modify my tariff plan?

Repaying the borrowed airtime is unaffected by changing your tariff plan. Regardless of the tariff plan, the borrowed amount will be subtracted from your subsequent recharge.

If I have not recharged my 9Mobile line in a while, is it possible for me to borrow airtime?

In order to be qualified for airtime borrowing, you must have recharged for at least N900 every month for the previous three months. You might not be allowed to borrow airtime if you have not complied with this requirement.

How can I find out if I may borrow airtime?

To verify your eligibility, just press *665# and adhere to the instructions. Your screen will show your eligibility status.

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