Can Glo Campus Booster Work with Modem

Can Glo Campus Booster Work with Modem

Can Glo Campus Booster Work with Modem: Glo Campus Booster is a new service that the telecommunications company Globacom has launched to assist students at higher education institutions in gaining unrestricted access to the Internet.

In addition to supporting and enhancing educational standards, the first-of-its-kind product will provide students with intellectual wealth, facilitate academic activities and social networking among students and staff of tertiary institutions throughout Nigeria, and give them access to information on research topics and thesis writing.

Senior manager of events and sponsorship at Globacom, Sola Mogaji, unveiled the product at the company’s headquarters in Lagos, referring to it as “a special data plan that allows students and others on campus to get up to eight times more data value whenever they use their Glo lines on campuses.”

Glo Campus Data Booster Plans

These plans are new packages that offer up to 10 times the value of a data subscription to Nigerian students on campus at no extra charge. These packages are available on Nigerian campuses nationwide.

Price (₦)DataOn
100150MB100MB1 day
200350MB450MB2 days
5001.8GB2.6GB14 days
10003.9GB5.8GB30 days
20009.2GB14.4GB30 days
500024GB44GB30 days

Can Glo Campus Booster Work with Modem

“Yes,” the Glo campus data booster plan can work on your modem as long as you are on campus. If you have an existing data plan, buy the campus booster plan. The Campus Booster would be parked behind the current data plan and would get activated once the current plan finishes. The awesome thing about Campus Booster is that you can share or gift it, but note that a gifted data bonus can be enjoyed only on campus, and hence it will work as a normal data plan outside campus.

Code for Glo Campus Data Booster Plan

Purchasing the Glo Campus Data Booster Plan is very easy and fast. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the dialer app on your smartphone.
  • Simply dial *312#.
  • Reply “1” Buy Data
  • Reply “2” Proceed (One-off)
  • Reply “5” Special Data Offer
  • Reply “2” Campus Data Booster
  • Choose the amount of data you need.


Can Glo Bolt Modems Be Used for Storing Information

If you want to know whether the Glo Bolt Modem can store information, the answer is “NO.” A modem is not designed to store information but rather to help your computer system connect to the internet.

What is Glo Customer Care Number?

The Glo customer care service helps subscribers to the best of their knowledge regarding the request or need of the customer.

The Glo customer care numbers are listed below:

  • 0805 002 0121
  • 300

Can Glo Bonus Be Used for Data Plan?

Unfortunately, the Glo bonus cannot be used to purchase a data plan. Data plan subscriptions are charged from the main balance or the main airtime balance. Airtime bonuses can only be used to make local calls and send SMS, especially bulk SMS.

Which USSD codes are frequently used to check Glo balances?

  • Dial *310# on your Glo line.
  • When you wait a little while, a message with your Glo airtime balance will appear on your phone.

NB: The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has urged mobile network operators (MNOs) to start implementing authorized harmonized short codes (HSC) for the provision of specific services to telecom consumers in Nigeria, with a deadline of May 17, 2023. Globacom has now put this instruction into effect, so using the previous USSD code (#124#) to check your airtime balance is no longer functional.

Can Glo 3.9gb Work for Computer Modem?

When using a modem on your computer system, one of the most important things you need is a data subscription which enables you to access the internet.  You can easily purchase data bundles on Glo and maintain an inexpensive internet connection.

Since we want to know whether or not Glo 3.9GB will work on a computer modem, the answer is YES, These plans will work on any compatible device.

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