How to Stop Unwanted Messages from 9MOBILE

How to stop unwanted messages from 9mobile

How to Stop Unwanted Messages from 9Mobile: In Nigeria, mobile phone users are frequently inundated with unsolicited text messages and phone calls from third-party services encouraging them to subscribe to various services.

This can be frustrating and annoying, especially when you are busy or attending an important meeting. In 2016, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) introduced the Do Not Disturb (DND) service to address this issue.

The program enables mobile phone customers to prevent receiving unsolicited text messages and calls from third-party providers. In this essay, we will look at how to activate and deactivate the 9Mobile DND service. Read on to learn more!

How to Stop Unwanted Messages from 9MOBILE using DND

To activate the 9mobile DND service, follow these instructions.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Type “START” in the message body.
  4. Send the message to “2442”.

To enable partial 9mobile DND, send an SMS with the service keyword” to 2442. Here is the code for each service listed below:

  1. Banking, insurance & financial products SMS 1 to 2442
  2. Real estate: SMS 2 to 2442
  3. Education SMS 3 to 2442
  4. Health SMS 4 to 2442
  5. Consumer goods & automobiles SMS 5 to 2442
  6. Communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT SMS 6 to 2442
  7. Tourism & leisure SMS 7 to 2442
  8. Sports SMS 8 to 2442
  9. Religion: SMS 9 to 2442

Alternatively, send “LIST” to 2442 for partial DND keywords.

Note: It should be noted that the DND service only applies to marketing messages sent by third parties. You must opt out of the current service.

How to Deactivate 9Mobile DND

To deactivate the 9Mobile DND service, take these steps:

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Type “STOP” in the message body.
  3. Send the message to “2442”.


The 9mobile Do Not Disturb (DND) service allows you to regulate the frequency of promotional calls and messages on your line. You can block or enable texts and calls from 9mobile and third-party services based on your needs, or you can activate DND service at any moment by entering simple codes.

I hope this blog post helped you understand how to use 9Mobile DND codes and the benefits they provide. If you have any concerns or problems activating or deactivating the service, please contact 9Mobile customer support for assistance.

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